Signs You Should Leave Your Relationship

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Nobody goes into a relationship planning on leaving, otherwise why would you get in a relationship in the first place, right? As you probably know, relationships take hard work from both sides––a relationship won’t work if there’s only one person making an effort. Additionally, everyone needs to come to terms with the fact that some relationships simply won’t work––and that’s okay. However, some of us refuse to believe our relationship won’t work; especially if you thought this individual was your dream partner. If you have any doubt in the relationship won’t work, that’s your first sign to leave. You deserve to be happy, so we put together a list of signs you should leave your relationship.

They cheated or lied

We’ve all heard the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater,” and we’d have to agree. If your partner cheated on you, they clearly don’t love you, respect you, or value the relationship. Your partner broke the trust that grounds every relationship, and you certainly shouldn’t put up with that. Additionally, some partners will cheat and then lie about it, which is even worse because that means they thought they could deceive you. Lying is unacceptable in any relationship because, again, you need trust and communication in order to make a relationship work.

Your values don’t align with your partner’s

Everyone has their own personal values that can range from big picture topics like their beliefs and financial decisions. Additionally, everyone has their own passions that they value highly, and your partner should not only respect those values but also encourage you to pursue your passions. If your partner is actively keeping you or shaming you from living your life according to your values, it’s time to leave.

Your partner is abusive

A lot of people assume abuse merely means physical harm, and while that is one of the different types of domestic abuse, it’s not the only one. Unfortunately, a common form of abuse that some people overlook is emotional or verbal abuse. Some people try to justify hurtful words by saying things like “they’re just having a bad day” or “it’s just their personality.” You have to be real with yourself – if their personality included hurtful words, you wouldn’t be with them. They’ve changed for whatever reason, and they’re taking their emotions out on you, which is not fair to you.

We’re not telling you these signs you should leave your relationship to encourage you to find a reason to leave. You do, however, need to hear these signs because you might be blind to these signs if you’ve been in a broken relationship for a while. You deserve a happy and loving relationship where you’re respected and safe, so don’t settle for anything less.

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