Simple but Effective Natural Remedies for Oily Skin

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It’s common knowledge that no two people have the same skin. In fact, even if we share the same type of skin, it still may not react the same to specific treatments. Consequently, it’s incredibly difficult to find specific products that work with your unique complexion—especially if you have oily skin. While those with other types of skin have their own blemishes to contend with, individuals with oily skin are at particularly high risk for clogged pores and acne. Additionally, the overproduction of oil in the skin can even reduce the effectiveness of many acne treatment products. For these reasons, consider finding a few effective natural remedies for oily skin and protect your skin from future blemishes.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal—or, more specifically, activated charcoal—acts as a magnet that attracts and draws out the dirt, oil, and toxins sitting in your pores. It’s an all-natural ingredient that common in various face washes and exfoliators to leave the skin clean and refreshed. Though this mineral is very powerful, it’s also gentle on the surface of a person’s skin, so it’s less likely to irritate your pores. However, using it too often can start to dry out your skin and throw off its natural oil balance.

Oatmeal and Honey

While these two ingredients might sound like they’d make a better breakfast than skincare products, they’re actually potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. When used together, the grain helps absorb any access oils from your face and exfoliates, and the honey kills harmful bacteria and traps in your skin’s natural moisture. Combine them, and these products make great mask treatments in a pinch, providing extra nutrients that you can’t get from standard skincare products.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is another effective natural remedy for oily skin because it works to absorb excess dirt and oil from your pores. When you use it regularly, it can actually prevent your pores from enflaming and turning into painful acne. Green tea extract also has the additional benefits of slowing the skin’s overall production of oil, reducing redness, inflammation, and even wrinkles. As such, products that use this ingredient can have a wide array of positive effects on your complexion.

Aloe Vera

Most commonly used to treat and soothe sunburns, aloe vera well to neutralize inflammation as well as manage pain. It can treat standard breakouts and assist in the skin’s general healing process after it sustains damage. Its cooling effect also reduces the amount of oil your skin produces while it’s applied. Because of this, many individuals have taken to using it as an overnight mask to cut back on oil and retain moisture.

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