Some Fun Games to Play With Your Coworkers

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Some Fun Games to Play With Your Coworkers

The end of the week is a great time to relax a little at work and welcome the weekend with a fun game or two with your coworkers. However, sometimes the well begins to run dry of ideas, and something refreshing is needed to spice things up. These are some fun games to play with your coworkers that are worth considering.

Gartic Phone

Gartic phone is a recent online game that has gained traction via several gaming media platforms. The free game encourages fun and wacky prompts before rotating through each player to try drawing it. Different game modes prevent things from getting stale too quickly. At the same time, you do not have to be an artist to love this game. Anyone is welcome to try; sometimes, the worse art makes things funnier and livelier.

Type Racer

Office groups are likely to love the idea of this game. Type racer is another website that pits multiple people against each other in a typing race. After being given a prompt from a book or movie script, players try their best to type as fast as possible and finish the prompt without any flaws. Some races get intense as different players find varying keys they struggle with up till the last second.

Quiz Games

A classic idea for workgroups is to organize a weekly trivia night. There are numerous fun trivia themes that help with team building too. With different topics and themes, everyone is sure to find something they are knowledgeable about. However, there is also a fun element to guessing and getting lucky. While trivia is not a brand new idea, it remains a staple of entertainment for anyone with a competitive nature.

While playing games in the office sounds unnatural to some, it has its benefits as it brings a team of coworkers together. When it is not about work, it becomes easier to show more of your personality and enjoy your time as friends. There is much fun to be had by trying some of these fun games to play with your coworkers.

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