Tiptonville man charged with attempted murder following Ridgely chase


Dustin Ramsey, 30, of Tiptonville is facing multiple charges after leading officers on a chase through Ridgely.

Tennessee Highway Patrol charged Ramsey with aggravated assault, attempted first-degree murder, vehicular assault, theft of property over $10,000, evading arrest, improper backing up, violation of financial responsibility, driving on a revoked license, and seatbelt violations. Ridgely Police Department charged Ramsey with vandalism, burglary, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

According to Chief Perry Brewer with Ridgely Police Department, officers received a call regarding a man banging on doors in Ridgely early Friday morning, January 24. The man was also believed to have broken into a shed. When they arrived, they spotted Ramsey fleeing on foot behind Ridgely Manor Apartments.

As Ramsey fled, he came across a vehicle on Mile Lane, which the owner had left running as he prepared to go to work. Ramsey took the vehicle and drove toward Riley Road.

As a Tiptonville Police Department patrol car came up behind him, Ramsey allegedly stopped, put the vehicle in reverse, and hit the patrol car. From there Ramsey fled on foot and hid under a porch on the corner of Church Street and Riley Road.

Ramsey hid under the porch for an estimated 30-40 minutes. Officers had to take apart part of the porch in order to remove Ramsey.

According to Chief Joe England of Tiptonville Police Department, the officer involved in the collision received minor injuries. A nearby hospital quickly treated and released the officer. Chief England said the officer was able to make maneuvers to minimize the damage as the patrol car was being hit but could have been seriously injured otherwise.

The collision caused several thousand dollars in damage to the patrol car.

A Ridgely Police Department officer, Tiptonville Police Department officer, and Lake County Sheriff’s Department officer were all involved in the initial chase, with two additional Ridgely Police Department units arriving at the end of the chase.

Ramsey’s blood has been sent to a lab for testing to determine if he was intoxicated at the time of the arrest.



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