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The Benefits of a Shipping Container for the Classroom

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It might seem like a strange idea to invest in a shipping container for your local school, but campuses across the country are using these repurposed cargo containers as their school’s next big asset. Here are just some of the benefits of a shipping container for the classroom.

An Expanded Teaching Area

One of the most common ways to see shipping containers today is as full classrooms. Most school campuses are older buildings. There just isn’t enough time in the summer break to build new sections and serve a growing student population.

Shipping containers are surprisingly adaptable and can incorporate everything from HVAC systems and windows to running water. These customized build-outs ensure that students in the shipping container classrooms can focus, learn, and create just like other students.

The Ability To Take Class Outside

Perhaps the most unique opportunity an on-campus shipping container provides is simply an extra room. As an annexed building, the shipping container allows classes to step away from the halls and engage in projects that would otherwise become disruptive for surrounding classes.

Many campuses already use shipping containers as art studios, 3D printing spaces, and robotics labs. Forensic sciences classes across the country even turn these shipping containers into faux crime scenes for budding investigative scientists to study!

Additional Storage Space

Of course, classrooms have the option to use a shipping container in a way more akin to its original purpose. Instead of stuffing supplies and projects into the classroom’s cabinets and storage closets, a full storage unit offers departments more freedom to arrange their teaching space. An on-campus storage unit allows teachers to keep a reliable supply of equipment on hand, from boxed calculators to backup microscopes.

If you feel that a shipping container for the classroom would benefit your school, you should know that used shipping containers are widely available. Once a shipping container goes out of commission for use on the seas, it can come on land and serve endless more possibilities. There are thousands of high-quality shipping containers out there, ready to transform into something greater.

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