The Best Aftermarket Mods for Your Motorcycle

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Buying a brand-new bike is an exciting time, but you may start to wonder whether it could be even better. You’re in luck, because many stock motorcycle parts are due for an upgrade right away! On top of that, there are a few essential gadgets you need to pick up to maximize your experience. Keep reading to learn the best aftermarket mods for your motorcycle.


Stock tires are among the first things you should consider replacing—that’s because most manufacturers stick general-purpose tires on bikes when they go up for sale. Tires are some of the core pieces to your riding experience, so it doesn’t make sense to neglect them. Try tailoring your tires to your riding style—if you plan to race on a track, you’ll want a different set than if you ride on the highway frequently.

Battery Tender

Many motorcyclists put away their bikes for the winter and break them out again in the spring. The problem with this is that your battery will discharge over time, and you may not be able to fire up your motorcycle when April hits. Even if you can, this process damages the battery’s long-term health.

If you’re planning to store your bike for any period of time longer than two weeks, you should purchase a battery tender. The device is simple: hook it up to your battery, and it provides a steady trickle of power to keep your battery alive and fresh. You don’t need to break the bank, either. A good tender shouldn’t cost more than $75!

Exhaust System

If you want a modification that makes your bike look cooler, perform better, and sound amazing, an aftermarket exhaust system is a no-brainer. Even though this upgrade costs a bit more than others, most enthusiasts take the plunge sooner or later. Switching to a new and improved exhaust system is a rite of passage, so let your bike growl like it was meant to.

Now that you know the best aftermarket mods for your motorcycle, pick up an upgrade or two and get ready to love your bike even more.

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