The Best Father’s Day Mantiques

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Many people find shopping for Dad difficult. He may not talk about what he wants, or he buys the few things he does want for himself. If you’re having trouble, perhaps you’re looking in the wrong era. Antiquing for something Dad would like—or rather, “mantiquing”—opens up gifting possibilities that something new simply doesn’t. To help you as you mantique, here are the best Father’s Day mantiques you can look for.

Personal Accessories

Let’s start with what he can wear. While getting some retro clothes—bellbottoms from the ‘80s or a jacket from the ‘50s—may fit the bill, accessories are more likely to have a timeless style. Many men appreciate the classic look and solidity of an antique watch, for example. An advantage of finding one of these is that the absence of little technological advancements may play in your favor for dad. As you visit shops, though, be on your guard for fake antique watches—heed some warning signs and ask detailed questions to know what you’re buying is legitimate. Beyond watches, antique cuff links, ties, and hats are also great gifts to keep an out for you as you shop.

His Favorite Collectibles

Meanwhile, another quality Father’s Day mantique category is collectibles. This category is as broad as your father’s interests. Baseball cards, old movie posters, and old advertising memorabilia all qualify. These collectibles are great gift options because they can fill out your dad’s collection, but they’ll also mean a lot to him. He started his collection for a reason, whether that’s childhood nostalgia or a passion for certain subject matters. Contributing to his collection—and putting effort into mantiquing—speaks volumes.


Finding an electronic from your dad’s era is another great option. Whether that’s a radio, record player, or old TV set, he’ll get a kick out of listening to music or watching movies like he used to. These electronics effectively bring back the past because they engage the senses—hearing, primarily—in a strong way. Many people prefer older record players, in particular, because they seem to maintain the music’s integrity more than modern mobile speakers and headphones.

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