The Best Ways To Decorate Your Living Room for Spring

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The Best Ways To Decorate Your Living Room for Spring

After another dismal winter, spring is finally upon us. Winter has left most of us needing a pick-me-up, and the central living space of the home is the best place to start elevating our moods through savvy and sophisticated design tricks. Have your home reflect the changing of the seasons by embracing a few of the best ways to decorate your living room for spring. This way, even those chilly, rainy March and April days can keep you in high spirits.

Start With Lighter, Brighter Blankets

“I’ve got my love to keep me warm,” goes the old Christmastime favorite. Love is great, but we tend to require a lot of heavy blankets to keep ourselves warm through the winter, too. As warmer temperatures move in and encourage you to dial down the thermostat, it’s time to stow the throws—at least the heavier ones. Of course, these blankets and throws are about form as much as function, and your living room furniture can look rather bare without them. Sub them out for lighter and more colorful counterparts. You may not be snuggling up under them to binge-watch your favorites, but thankfully, you won’t need to anymore.

Festoon a Room With Flowers

You don’t have to wait for any April showers to start bringing flowers into your home. It’s almost too obvious that one of the best ways to decorate your living room for spring is to put your best vases and bouquets on display. Not only is this a creative way to improve a room’s design, it’s such a simple one, too. Flowers lend vivid colors, focal points, and a sense of life to any room—and isn’t that last one what a living room needs most?

Make Your Room a Verdant One

Bringing plant life into your living room can go well beyond flowers in pursuit of a classic springtime feel. There are plenty of other forms of greenery for you to consider adding to your living room. If you still haven’t brought a modest houseplant like a Ficus into an unadorned corner of the room, now’s the time! A few succulents could perk up an otherwise bare console table, a spring wreath could fill empty space on a wall, and the delicate fronds of Boston ferns bring a distinct feeling of sophistication into a room with shockingly low maintenance.

Pastel Area Rugs: Spring Feelings From the Ground Up

Anyone who has walked through the Easter aisle at the grocery store knows that spring is the season of pastels. If you feel that your living room has been a little drab, why not consider a pastel area rug to bring a splash of light and uplifting color to the space? Best of all, this improvement isn’t a strictly seasonal one—those touches of lavender, canary yellow, seafoam green, and robin’s-egg blue can brighten your room all year long.

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