The Different Types of Reception Area Office Furniture

The Different Types of Reception Area Office Furniture

Reception areas are the key to creating great first impressions—both with clients and your new hires. As such, you should design them with the utmost care and include everything possible to make the space comfortable and unique. So when you’re looking to build a reception area for your own office, make sure that you start by including the right kind of furniture. These are the different types of reception area office furniture and how each contributes to a stylish and functional room.

Reception Desk

First up is the reception desk. As the very focal point of your reception space, this item should be large, bold, and eye-catching to anyone walking in. This way, visitors will always know where to go and who to talk to when arriving for their appointments. Reception desks come in a wide array of colors and designs to correspond with a multitude of different tastes, so you’re sure to find one that works well with your brand image.

Guest Seating

Ample guest seating is also very important to a comfortable space. After all, the level of care you provide visitors during their stay will say a lot about your company. You want to ensure that everyone who walks through your doors meets with comfort and consideration. Seating allows you to do this by providing individuals with the support they need—no matter how long they might be waiting.

Storage and Shelving

Another of the different types of reception area office furniture is general storage and shelving units. Office receptionists must keep track of several things throughout the day, such as appointments, calls with customers, and those who have checked in. For this reason, many companies use reception areas as storage for different types of records and paperwork. Incorporating a few storage cabinets or shelves into your design ensures that everything you need is within reach yet still pleasing to the eye.

Stylish Decor

But no quality reception area is complete without a bit of decor. These pieces can be anything that you think matches your brand’s style. As such, you might display company-won awards, colorful flowers, or plants. Each item should emphasize the professional look you want to achieve and catch the interest of your visitors.

Even after acquiring all the necessary furniture, though, your work in the reception area should continue. Over time, these spaces can deteriorate without the proper attention, so make sure that you’re maintaining the environment if you want to get the very most out of it.