The Easiest Things To Make and Sell on Etsy

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This pandemic hit people hard financially. If you’re scrambling to make up for lost income amidst so many unknowns, you’ll need to get creative. One idea is to sell products online. If you have a penchant for crafting, Etsy is your go-to platform.

Through it, you can connect with people who eschew mass-produced products in favor of handcrafted items sold by individuals. It’s a highly personal way of doing things, and it can also be lucrative, depending on what you sell. To discover the easiest things to make and sell on Etsy, read this quick list.

Vinyl-Customized Apparel and Accessories

With the advent of vinyl printing and pressing technology, customizing almost anything with fabric is shockingly simple. Equipped with some essential heat transfer vinyl supplies, you can glam up T-shirts, hats, purses, jerseys, headbands, luggage, curtains, and much more.

While the base materials are cheap and simple, your designs are what will set these items apart and attract online shoppers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with specialty vinyl as you get used to the process.

DIY Candles

If vinyl doesn’t appeal, try making your own candles instead. The keys here are using your trademark candleholders and creating a unique scent. For the former, search for nifty mugs or stylish mason jars. To establish a niche, theme your holder—dogs, cats, and quotes are all potential avenues to pursue, although diversifying more could benefit you.

When creating your candle scent, shop far and wide for interesting fragrance oils. Practice blending oils strategically to find your best-seller.

Digital Prints

Another easy item to make and sell on Etsy, as long as you have some graphic design experience or a willingness to learn, is a digital print.

The beauty in this process is that your computer programs can help you bring your ideas to life, and then you don’t need to reproduce anything beyond the original design file. What that means is that, when you turn around and make sales on a print in the future, it demands very little from you.

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