The Key Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog

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The Key Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog

When it comes to acclimating your dog to their new home, the topic of crate training is always a hot-button issue. While some people hate the idea of keeping their dog in a cage, it’s important to know that this practice does have a place and can be incredibly helpful to you and your pet. In fact, with the proper familiarization, your dog could come to love their crate and see it as an essential escape from stressors. Here are the key benefits of crate training your dog and why you should consider adopting this practice when you bring your new family member home.

Gives Your Pup a Safe Space

First and foremost, crate training provides your dog with a safe place for them to retreat to. Though we may perceive the crate as a scary or punishing spot, it doesn’t have to be. Like with any other experience in your dog’s life, they’ll get out of your crate what you train them to believe. If you create positive associations with the crate, they will see it as a place where good things happen. Feeding them in the crate and playing with them near it can help. Over time, you may even find that your dog enters their crate on their own to rest or relax.

Helps With Potty Training

Crate training can also help with potty training your puppy. Dogs instinctually don’t like to sleep where they go to the bathroom—as such, acclimating them to the crate will encourage them to hold their bladder while in the house. This, combined with taking them out frequently, will get them used to holding it in the home and doing their business outside. This can also help establish a clear bathroom schedule that allows you to minimize accidents on the floor.

Easier Car Rides and Travel

If you can get your pup comfortable in their crate, it can also be an incredibly effective tool for traveling with your dog. Because these kennels provide your pet a safe space to feel contained and protected, they’re less likely to experience anxiety while driving with you. They also won’t be able to wander around the car where they can potentially injure themselves or distract you from the road.

Provides You With Peace of Mind

The most important benefit of crate training your dog is the peace of mind it provides you. Dogs, especially very young puppies, can get into a lot of trouble when they’re out of your sight. From chewing on things they shouldn’t, scratching at doors, and jumping off furniture, it’s hard for you to mitigate these behaviors at all times. Placing your dog in their crate at night is a great way to communicate that it’s bedtime and gives you the guarantee that they won’t get into anything mischievous as you sleep.

Crate training is an effective tool that any dog owner should consider having in their arsenal. Not only does it help you with several other avenues of training, but it also helps give your pet a space they can call their own.

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