The Most Common Workplace Accidents

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Invariably, there will be an accident at work that you will need to deal with. Incidents can come in varying degrees of severity, involve workers, equipment, or vehicles, and can even risk harming clients or random passersby. Knowing what the most common workplace accidents are will give you the knowledge to prevent their occurrence or, at the very least, be ready to handle the aftermath.

Accidents Involving Company Vehicles

If your company utilizes drivers, whether it is a delivery service or work requires you to be at a client’s home, collisions are always a threat. It can be due to negligent motorists, hazardous road situations, or extreme weather conditions.

Safe Driving Procedures

A business needs to implement and stress the importance of a safe driving policy because while a driver cannot control external conditions, they can control how they react to them.

Falls From Heights

Falls are one of the most dangerous accidents that can occur in the workplace and one of the leading causes of death on construction sites. These can be falls from ladders, roofs, scaffolding, stairways, or even just elevated surfaces.

Fall Protection

Many of the more serious safety risks happen when a safety harness is being used while at greater heights. Make sure you are utilizing the proper safety equipment and that they are still in working order. Old or defective harnesses cannot guarantee worker safety.

Falling Objects

Objects that are stored on the upper levels of pallet racks or materials that have come loose from building structures pose a great risk to those working underneath. If they collide with a worker, it runs the risk of serious injury and, at worst, death.

Proper Maintenance

If falling hazards are common in your workplace, then workers need to wear hardhats or other protective gear to mitigate the potential damage. Regular maintenance checks must also be performed to ensure that the building is safe to be working in.

How You Respond To Accidents

After an accident occurs while workers are on the clock, you must take the necessary steps afterwards to follow up on the incident. Know what happened to cause the incident and look for weak points in the safety procedures of your company. Ensure that all workers are safe from the moment they clock in to the second they punch out.

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