The Pros and Cons of Using Live Food To Feed Your Fish

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The Pros and Cons of Using Live Food To Feed Your Fish

There are plenty of forms of food you can use to feed your carnivorous fish, and many fish hobbyists incorporate live fish food in their pet’s diet to add enrichment to their feeding schedule. Because there are so many fish food options, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right food for your fish. And while live fish food is great for some species, it isn’t a great option for all carnivorous breeds. To help you decide on the best option for your pet’s diet, review these pros and cons of using live fish food to feed your fish.

Types of Live Food

Daphnia, also known as water fleas, is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin D, and protein for smaller fish. They’re easy to breed on your own, so you’ll often have plenty without having to rebuy them every time you run out. For medium-sized fish, blood worms, mosquito larvae, and white worms are very easy to come by. Additionally, guppies are plentiful in the necessary vitamins, easily accessible, and will help fill a larger fish’s stomach.

Pros of Live Food

One of the best parts of feeding your fish live food is the enrichment it provides. In the wild, fish have to find their own food, and providing fish in captivity with the option to hunt activates those instincts and keeps their brains active. In addition, you can breed your own live food so that you can be more confident in its quality. Processed fish food like flakes or pellets aren’t all made the same, and some can contain harmful additives. Even if you don’t breed your own live food, it’s much easier to trace back the process and practices used in breeding and supplying live food than it is to do so for manufactured products.

Cons of Live Food

Unfortunately, live food can be much more expensive, even if you raise it on your own. Also, the shelf life for live food is short. While this is true across the board, it is even more true with mosquito larvae, as you can quickly have a mosquito infestation if you aren’t attentive. And if you’re not careful or attentive to your sources, live food can possibly contain harmful and even deadly pathogens.

While this feeding option isn’t for everyone, knowing the pros and cons of using live fish food to feed your fish can help you craft the perfect menu and feeding routine for your fish.

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