Things to Do When You Become an Empty Nester

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Everyone knows that parenting is a full-time job. From taking care of the house to escorting your teens as they pursue their passions and interests, it’s hard to imagine a life where your free time is your own. However, when that time does come, it can be an extreme shock. Many parents experience loneliness or restlessness after their kids move out. You don’t have to let these feelings get the best of you, though. Keep your days full and vibrant with these three things to do when you become an empty nester.

Adopt a Pet

If you don’t like the quiet of your newly empty house, you can fill it with the sound of furry little feet. Adopting a pet lets you keep the sense of care and responsibility you had with kids in the house while still freeing up much of your time to pursue other interests. Plus, the kids will be delighted to visit the new family pet whenever they visit.

Jump Start Your Social Life

Part of being an empty nester is the sudden increase in free time. Make sure you put that extra time to good use by diving into the parts of your social life you may have been missing as a parent. Host dinner parties, meet your friends for brunch, or return to regular date nights with your significant other. You can also join clubs, volunteer for organizations, or find other ways to meet new friends.

Go See the World

Have you always longed to travel, but never had the opportunity? One of the most daring things to do when you become an empty nester is to pack up and dive into a life of adventure. You can plan a few trips a year to start crossing off bucket list destinations. Alternatively, you might decide to learn how to live in an RV full-time as you explore the country. While a life of travel isn’t for everyone, it can be an incredible experience—and the perfect way to fill your life with adventure after the kids leave the house.

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