Things to Expect After a Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Unlike open surgery, minimally invasive procedures utilize modern technology and techniques to perform an operation with the least amount of incisions. As techniques evolve, both doctors and the public consider minimally invasive surgery a safer alternative to open surgery, with a faster recovery period. Of course, preparing for and recovering from an operation can be stressful no matter what kind of procedure it is. To help you along, here are some of the things to expect after minimally invasive surgery.

Smaller Scars

One of the biggest benefits of minimally invasive surgery is that the surgeon makes smaller and fewer cuts during the procedure. Instead of making a large incision, the doctor uses smaller tools, cameras, and other technology to work through a few small cuts in the skin. This method means fewer incisions, less risk of infection, and minimal scarring after the operation.

Some Discomfort

Patients who have minimally invasive surgery report less pain than those that have traditional open surgery. However, it’s still an operation, which means you will still experience some discomfort. Like with any operation, your doctor will provide you with prescriptions and other instructions to ease any pain while you heal. Be sure to take any pain medications exactly as your doctor orders. You might also benefit from a post-surgical compression garment to provide support and comfort as your body heals.

Return to Normal Life

One of the most important things to expect after a minimally invasive surgery is a healthy return to your day to day life. With shorter hospital stays and fewer risks during the operation, the recovery time is often faster, easier, and smoother than that of traditional surgery. There are many different kinds of issues that one can treat with these techniques, so don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about the concerns and benefits of minimally invasive surgery.

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