Three Tips for Properly Storing Jeep Doors

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There are many great things about owning Jeeps, from their look to how they handle both on the road and off it. One of the truly special things about these vehicles is the ability to remove their doors and allow the fresh air to blow in while you’re cruising around.

As any Jeep expert knows, those doors require immense care when you remove them in order to avoid damage. These three tips for properly storing Jeep doors will help you keep those doors intact whenever you take them off.

Hang Them for All To See

One way to store them is on sturdy, well-placed hooks. This helps save some space in the garage while also allowing you to put them on display for any visitors. They’re not the most beautiful part of a Jeep, but if you have a specialized garage for your Jeep collection, hanging the doors can make for great wall decorations.

Before you buy just any set of hooks, be very careful. Jeep doors can weigh well above 60 pounds. Once you find out the weight of your doors, visit your local hardware shop and talk to them about what you need. Don’t worry—despite their immense weight, there are hooks that exist which can hold that weight with ease.

When in Doubt, Lay Them Down

If hanging the Jeep doors on hooks puts you on edge, or you simply don’t have the wall space, we understand. Luckily, there’s a way to lay your doors down on the ground without damaging them. Find some suitable padding, whether it be cardboard, a rug, or another soft surface. With some nice padding underneath, you can either lay them down flat or you can prop them up against the wall, whichever you feel the most comfortable with.

They’re Doors, Not Door Mats

If you choose to lay your Jeep doors down on the ground, there are more ways they can accrue damage than resting against the hard surface beneath them. When laying these doors on the ground, make sure they’re in an area in which you, your family, or any guests you have over will not accidentally walk over them.

This is especially important if you’re storing them in a normal residential garage that sees a lot of foot traffic, but it’s crucial to use this same principle in a specialized garage or even a storage shed too. Likewise, if you lean the doors up against a wall, make sure it’s in a place in which nobody will accidentally bump into them and knock them onto the ground.

Another great thing about owning Jeeps is that there is a bevy of great events collectors can take them to each and every year (keep COVID-19 precautions in mind, of course). Luckily, with the help of these three tips for properly storing Jeep doors, you can ensure they stay in great condition for your next event and every single one after. Even if you go doorless to your next Jeep event, these tips will help you keep those doors safe while you’re away.

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