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Tips and Tricks for Adjusting to Country Living

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Tips and Tricks for Adjusting to Country Living

If you’re used to living in a large city, deciding to dabble in country living within a rural neighborhood can be hard to adjust to. Make the most out of your new lifestyle and consider our tips and tricks to help you settle down more quickly. While country life is not for everyone, it can be very rewarding to immerse yourself in an area that values community, support, and sustainable living.

Install Security Measures

You must accept the fact that because you are in the country, police and other emergency personnel will not be able to reach you as fast as they would if you lived in the city. Install security cameras, alarms, fire extinguishers, etc., to prepare for any type of emergency. Besides burglary, animals may cause the most issues on your land, so set up additional traps to protect your property.

Involve Yourself With the Community

Communities are much more tight-knit and smaller in a rural neighborhood compared to the city. Some families may be long-term residents and have difficulty adjusting to new outsiders. Involve yourself in going to community events and meeting as many neighbors as possible; doing this allows you to adjust to your new life faster and alleviates some of your moving stress.

Adjust What Is Important to You

What about your previous living situation was essential for you? What can you live without? You may be able to live without city water and drink from a well, but can you live without the internet?

If you work from home, require internet, or you like having Wi-Fi at your disposal, you’ll need to find high-speed internet options for rural areas. The internet can be spotty when no cell towers are nearby. If high-speed internet is important to you, look into your options because receiving internet is much trickier in rural areas than in urban neighborhoods. Also, reconsider the importance of having restaurants, shopping malls, and other attractions nearby—many of these things will be unavailable or require time to travel to.

Buy in Bulk or Grow Your Own

Just as emergency personnel are further away, so are the grocery stores. For the best practice, you’ll either want to buy your ingredients in bulk when you go to the store or start a garden and grow some of your own food. If gardening is not your forte, you can start small and freeze most of your ingredients until you get the hang of this type of lifestyle.

Adjusting to country living takes time and determination. It will be drastically different from your previous life; prepare yourself by reevaluating your values to accommodate better. Remain friendly and open to new things; you’ll soon love your rural life.

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