Tips and Tricks for Creating a Rustic Home

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Rustic Home

All you need to do is take a trip out to Reelfoot Lake to know that we embrace the great outdoors here in Lake County. Some of us embrace it enough to want to have it around us all the time. We don’t mean roughing it out in the wilderness, though. We mean bringing the wilderness into your home. Our tips and tricks for creating a rustic home will show you how.

Emphasize Coziness

Most modern interior design themes focus on making a room look as bright and spacious as possible. But when you think of a rustic, mountain lodge, you picture a cozy, intimate space—the sort of place where you’d want to curl up by the fire and rest awhile. Here are a few ways to make a space feel cozier:

  • Paint the walls with warmer and darker colors.
  • Choose a dark-colored wood finish.
  • Pick larger furniture.
  • Incorporate large, patterned rugs.
  • Group furniture into individual sitting areas.

Remember, the goal isn’t to make the room look crowded, just cozy. Avoid overfilling or over-cluttering the space.

Play up Natural Textures

When you look at paintings, everything in the image has a texture. It’s not that you feel something on your hand when you touch the page, but rather that it visually looks like you can. The same is true when you look at a room. The walls, support beams, furniture, and accessories all have visual textures.

When creating a rustic home design, you want to emphasize textures you might find in nature. If you have oak support beams in your house, put them on display. If you have stonework on the side of your home, don’t hide it.

Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

If you ask a hundred different people to draw a mountain lodge, you may get a hundred different lodge designs. But most likely, they’ll all have something at least one thing in common—a cozy fireplace.

If you have a fireplace in your home, it will become a rustic focal point. That said, you’ll want to find ways to emphasize its importance. For example, if the bricks or stones are spotty, have them restored or consider painting them. You can also put lighting around your fireplace so that it draws in your eyes.