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Tips for Boosting Your Country Club’s Revenue

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Many country clubs are hurting this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, these business owners must create and find new ways to increase profits. Follow these tips for boosting your country club’s revenue if you haven’t been as successful as you would’ve hoped for this year.

Start a Rewards Program

Individuals pay decent money to be a country club member. As a business owner, you can show your appreciation by starting a loyalty program. People are more likely to keep coming through the doors if they know staff members are grateful for their time and money. Some possible incentives include:

  • A free round of golf for every ten rounds someone plays.
  • A free dinner prepared by the club’s chef after a certain number of visits.
  • Free merchandise from the gift shop if someone makes frequent visits to the club.

Offer Superior Equipment

Another tip for boosting your country club’s revenue is to offer superior equipment. People will not pay top dollar to use devices that are always breaking down. So, as a company leader, it’s your responsibility to be aware of this. Purchase top-of-the-line golf carts that require little maintenance. Also, ensure that every team member knows how to use the vehicles, and avoid making mistakes that kill a golf cart’s battery. Club members will definitely notice how well every employee takes care of the equipment.

Excellent Customer Services

Some people may have the wrong idea about country clubs. People may think of these establishments as being snobby or full of rude employees. Perhaps you can increase your profits this year by shattering these misconceptions. Inform each staff member that they should treat every member with kindness and respect. Also, make inclusivity a point on your company’s mission statement. Country clubs are notoriously exclusive facilities. Maybe you can draw in customers by loosening the reigns and letting more people join.

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