Tips for Coordinating Your Furniture

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Furniture coordination is essential when designing an inviting and beautiful room. Rooms that are put together and intentionally styled look more polished and interesting. Throwing together a haphazard room with different furniture has no cohesion often looks messy. Mixing and matching furniture as a design element exists, but there are usually small similarities in the pieces that tie them together. Likewise, having furniture that is too similar, to the point of being identical, will ruin the organic feel of any room. Use these tips for coordinating your furniture the next time you choose to decorate.

Don’t Stick with Only One Color

Lots of people make the mistake of buying too many pieces of furniture that are too similar. As a result, every piece will fade into the background. Imagine an all-white living room with white carpet and white couches and love seats— while the color ties all the pieces together, try to avoid having it dominate the room. Something smaller like sharing an accent color, all the pieces having exposed wood, or being made from the same textiles is much more flattering. Find one similarity and be consistent with it; the small features will complement every piece.

Accent Pieces Add Variety

Using accent pieces can help transform a boring room filled with monotonous furniture into something unique. If every piece in the room is the same, the space can feel uncomfortable, and guests will surely take note. Add throw pillows or slipcovers in different colors or patterns. One can also play around with textures, such as adding knit blankets to leather couches or combining wood and metal décor to make the room look balanced.

Update Features as Needed

The style and time period associated with furniture can also create cohesion in an unbalanced room. If someone were to have a traditional looking bedroom set but choose modern accessories to accompany it, such as a modern duvet, it will throw off the balance and make the room look thrown together. A good tip for coordinating your furniture is to update it every 5-10 years. Use regular updates to maintain a single era or style throughout the interior.

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