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Tips for Hosting and Planning the Best County Fair

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Tips for Hosting and Planning the Best County Fair

A county fair is the ultimate outdoor party. It brings everyone together in the most wholesome and exciting way possible. With the overflow of games, activities, and food, you’ll never experience a dull moment. Before getting the town together, look over these tips for hosting and planning the best county fair.

Design the Perfect Layout

You can’t host a fair without first designing the proper layout. You’ll need to provide shelter for all your events and guests. Some counties take the tent route, but your objective is to host the best county fair. You’ll need to take the architectural design into serious consideration.

To do so, hire a proper architectural firm specializing in various designs and fairground entertainment events. Partnering with the correct firm takes care of any safety procedures you need to follow and makes your visual design come alive.

Follow the 5 Ws

Next, you need to start thinking about the fair’s who, what, when, where, and why. Consider questions like:

  • Who is available to help organize?
  • When should we hold the fair?
  • What events should we include?

These questions all need to have specific answers.

After you decide on the events you want to include, you can determine what type of staff and volunteers you want to involve. You’ll soon have a visual idea of what you do and don’t need. Making these decisions will help you better organize your budget.

Get the Word Out

Take advantage of every available platform out there! Utilize social media and your local newspaper or radio station. Make sure you spread the word far and wide about your fair. You want everyone talking about it and anticipating its arrival.

Make flyers to pass out at schools, grocery stores, and other places that people frequently visit. Involving your community might be the best way to get the word out; nothing spreads faster than town gossip. If you know of any clubs or sporting events, attend them, and ask the members if they can get the word out about the upcoming fair.

End on a Musical Note

Music always brings people together. You can host a local band and give back by helping them get recognition. Think about adding a live musical performance at the end of each day.

While your guests attend the performance, your staff and volunteers have a chance to pack up and close out their events for the day. They also get a chance to unwind and enjoy the music.

After following these tips to host and plan the best county fair, get ready to be the talk of the town. The fair might even become an annual event. You can create a different theme or add new games for everyone to play each year. After the success of the first fair, there is no limit to what you can include.

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