Tips for Improving Your Truck’s Performance

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Tips for Improving Your Truck’s Performance

If you haven’t changed anything about your truck since it came off the assembly line, there is a lot of potential sitting untapped. Whether you want to use it to haul heavy loads or conquer the toughest off-road terrain, you can make some upgrades to boost your horsepower and improve performance. Here are some tips for improving your truck’s performance.

Turbocharging the Engine

Turbocharging is a common upgrade because it allows the engine to suck in more air, thus burning fuel more efficiently and generating more power. The turbocharger cools the air so it condenses and can fit more air into the engine. In addition to providing more power with the same size engine, the fuel is oxygen-rich and burns much more cleanly, reducing waste, and you also experience far better gas mileage!

Upgrading the Exhaust System

If you’re going to turbocharge your engine, however, a more powerful exhaust system is essential. A more powerful engine means more exhaust, so the stock factory exhaust system may not be able to keep up, becoming a chokehold in improving your truck’s performance. A better exhaust system will ensure your truck maintains a consistent and plentiful airflow throughout. Cool air will burn efficiently, and the resulting exhaust will quickly exit the vehicle before it can clog up your systems.

Installing Exhaust Brakes

Lastly, we strongly urge you to consider installing exhaust brakes alongside your normal brakes. Trucks are much heavier than the typical car, and when you’re producing much more power and speed, it can be far more difficult to slow down again. If you depend solely on your normal brakes, they will quickly wear out due to the amount of stress they’re put under. Exhaust brakes create back pressure in the cylinders of your engine, making the engine work in reverse and thus helping you slow down more easily.

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