Tips for Keeping Kids Active in the Fall

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During the fall season, the leaves change colors and nights grow longer. With so much change, sometimes we struggle with maintaining our routines and hobbies. With children, it can be even more challenging. Despite the cooler weather, you want to be sure to keep your kiddos’ healthy habits going. Follow this guide for some helpful tips for keeping kids active in the fall.

Helpful Hands

You may be reluctant to let your kids stay outside for long periods due to the cold weather. One efficient way to get them moving is by having them lend you a pair of helping hands. Raking leaves is a fun and engaging activity that will get their hearts beating. It’s also a relatively easy task. Don’t shy away from asking your younger children to help out. If the weather isn’t too cold, consider letting them jump in the pile at the end. It serves as a fun incentive.

Indoor Activities

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the activities you can do in your home are truly endless. This includes exercise. One great way to keep your kiddos moving in the fall is to do fun indoor activities. Consider doing the following with your little ones:

  • Dance Parties – These are great for spending quality time together, and it’s fun for mom and dad, too!
  • Kids’ Yoga– There are a lot of online resources to help introduce yoga to your child.
  • Exercise – If you’re working out at home, incorporate your kids. Simple movements such as jumping jacks, squats, and sit-ups are all easy and kid-friendly.

Bundle Up

Despite the cooler weather, it’s important to get out and enjoy the fresh air. There are plenty of ways to do this during the fall. Consider bundling your little ones up and going for a trip to the park. For younger children, playgrounds are a great source for fine motor skill development. The fall time is also a time of beautiful scenery; take advantage of this and go on a fun nature walk.

The fall weather may discourage people from being as active as they are during the summer. However, it’s important to still get up and moving, even during the colder seasons. Follow these tips for keeping kids active to keep your family healthy.

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