Tips for Preventing Your Wall Paint From Fading

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Tips for Preventing Your Wall Paint From Fading

A bucket of paint and a touch of color can transform your space with a new look and ambiance. They provide a simple renovation solution with a swift roll of a brush. However, ensuring that your fresh new look and paint stays in its prime requires some added steps.

Over time, wall paint colors fade. The daily wear and tear of numerous influences, like weather and sun radiation, alters their pigments, leaving you with faint, muted colors. Here are three tips for preventing fading wall colors and how to ensure your paint stays in its prime.

Use a Primer

Primers offer numerous benefits, especially on drywall surfaces. They prep the wall, seal it, and create an ideal canvas for your wall paint. One of the many benefits of using primer on drywalls is that it ensures the pores on your walls seal shut. Primers prevent your paint from getting absorbed, allowing the paint mixture and pigments to stay on the surface.

Primers’ sealing abilities and foundation prepping don’t just stop at drywall. They seal and prep various other materials with porous structures and a range of other surfaces. On top of sealing pores, applying a primer also creates a smooth, even, and impenetrable base, allowing your paint to sit nicely on your wall’s surface with lots of color vibrancy.

Apply in Layers

Layers work together to increase your paint application’s density. The denser the paint, the more prominent the color it features. Building up your paint also creates more barriers between your fresh coat and the wall. It prevents your wall from absorbing the top paint coat, further filling pores like a primer, sealing them shut, and allowing your paint to rest on the surface. When layering, make sure to do even coats to ensure each application goes on smoothly with minimal texture.

Seal With Protection

With the bottom primed and prepped and the paint evenly layered, the last step is sealing the deal. Topcoats give your painted walls a shield of protection. They create a barrier between your painted surface and various external factors, like scratches and scuff marks.

Many sealants and topcoats feature specific properties that optimize certain qualities, such as resistances, sheen, and durability. Applying a topcoat with UV protection onto your freshly painted walls minimizes the effects of sun exposure, which is a primary instigator of fading paint. A UV-protected seal acts like a sunblock, refracting the sun’s gaze away from the wall. It keeps the paint away from UV rays and chemical bleaching stimulated by the radiation.

Preventing your wall paint from fading involves a couple of extra steps in the application process. It forces you to prep your canvas, apply more than one coat, and seal your painted wall with one last layer. Following these tips optimizes the painting application in more ways than preventing fading. It also increases the overall quality of your work, leaving you with a prime paint job and vibrant, transformed walls.

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