Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

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Setting up holiday decorations is fun and exciting, but opening up your hodgepodge buckets of mismatched décor and tangled string lights may put a damper on things. Set yourself up for success next year and ease the looming holiday season stress by storing your holiday decorations in an organized fashion.


Optimal storage starts with containers. Choose the right storage method for you and your needs. When choosing a container, take your storage facility into consideration.

If you store your decorations in a basement or location prone to general dampness, clear plastic buckets with secure locking lids will protect your items—especially the electronic ones like lights—from water.

For those storing items in a location with dust or bugs, a higher-density plastic bucket with a lid is a safe bet. These can withstand changing temperatures and protect your décor.

Short on storage space and don’t know where you could possibly put your decorations? Try a large, flat bucket for under-furniture storage. For example, you can store your decorations under a bed or low-sitting couch. You can elect for a plastic one to protect from dust and other harmful indoor elements. If the bucket will show a bit, choose a covered canvas container to make it a little more presentable.


Choosing the right container is only the beginning. The inside of the container should be organized and contain similar contents. An easy organization tip to remember is “like with like.”

Organizing by room or by area may help. This is more of a personal decision based on how you prefer to decorate. If you decorate room-by-room or by decoration type, take that into consideration when deciding on an organization method. Do what makes the most sense to you. For example, house outdoor string lights in a different container than indoor string lights to avoid confusion and unnecessary tangling.

Bonus Tip: Before storing your lights at the end of the holiday season, check for missing or dead bulbs. Replacing missing or damaged parts can save you a headache next season!


Avoid writing directly on the containers; this could create problems should your décor or organizational preferences change through the years. Instead, opt for a sticker or tape label. These are easy to remove and replace as your containers’ contents change. This is pertinent to all containers, but it’s especially pertinent to canvas and non-clear containers. Make sure to label your containers with a word or phrase that captures their contents.

Bonus Tip: Color code! If you use similar containers for all your storage items, choosing a specific color tape for each container type may help. You can use green labels and stickers for Christmas buckets and yellow labels and stickers for fall décor buckets.

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