Tips for Washing Your Car at Home

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Your car might not be seeing much of the road these days; it’s probably stuck in your driveway for the time being. You might also own a vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler—since it doesn’t have doors or a top, going through the car wash isn’t ideal. Either way, you still need to keep up with car maintenance and wash it regularly. Luckily, this can easily be done at home. Here are some tips for washing your car at home.  

Gather the Right Tools 

Before you begin, the first tip for washing your car at home is getting the right cleaning materials. Some items you will need to clean your car include the following:  

  • Hose 
  • Sponge 
  • Car wash soap 
  • Microfiber cloths 

Don’t Wash Your Car on a Sunny Day 

A common mistake many people make when washing their car at home is doing it on a sunny day. However, it’s much better to do a car wash on a cloudy day because your car won’t dry as quickly. This means you can avoid spots on your car.  

Roll Up Your Windows

Another mistake people will make is forgetting to roll up their windows before they  spray their car down. So, before you begin, make sure your windows, sunroof, and doors are closed so that you don’t get soapy water in the interior. If you are a Jeep Wrangler owner who recently removed the doors or top—or are planning to before you clean your ride—then be extra careful and don’t use the hose as much.  

Clean the Interior 

You should also take this time to clean your car’s interior. The best way to handle this is by vacuuming your seats and wiping down the dashboard and windows. For your floor mats, you should use your hose, soapy water, and a sponge to clean them. Once you are done with that, let the mats air dry.  

Don’t Forget Your Wheels 

You can’t forget about your tires. To properly clean your wheels, wipe off all the brake dust that is on your rims. A sponge and soapy water are all you need to make your wheels look perfect.  

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