Tips on How To Hang Art on a Concrete Wall

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Displaying works of art in your home or office instantly upgrades the room’s ambiance, vibe, and appeal. That’s especially true with concrete walls, which, frankly, can be a bit drab and unwelcoming. The problem, however, is that hanging art on a concrete wall isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’re searching for tips on how to hang art on a concrete wall, read on. We’ve got them for you below to help make the task much easier.

Use Wooden Dowels and Screws

You can’t use regular screws for concrete. You should use a wooden dowel, which you can easily and quickly insert into a concrete wall with some basic tools. First, you must collect all the materials you need to fasten objects to a concrete wall. Follow these instructions:

  1. Using an electric drill and a 1/4-inch concrete drill bit, drill a two-inch deep hole where you would like to place a screw to hang your art.
  2. Take a 3/8-inch diameter and a 2-inch long wooden dowel and, using a rubber mallet, pound it into the 3.8-inch hole you’ve drilled. You should run some soap on the dowel to help it slide in easier. It will be a tight fit.
  3. Once the dowel is in place, screw a 1.5-inch long screw into it. Use the screw to hang your art.

Glue Wall Hooks to the Concrete Wall

You can purchase specialized hooks that feature a strong adhesive on the back for concrete applications at most big-box home improvement stores. You simply make a mark on the concrete wall where you’d like the hook to hang, peel off the protective backing, and hang the hook in place. After a short waiting period, the hook will be ready to hang your art.

Use Masonry Anchors

One of the best tips on how to hang art on a concrete wall is to use masonry anchors. Masonry anchors look like traditional screws but are much tougher. As with wooden dowels, you need to drill a hole in the concrete. The hole must be smaller than the width of the masonry anchor. Some masonry anchors also come with plastic sheaths to help them fit snugly. They make a durable solution for hanging your treasured artworks if done correctly.

In Conclusion

We hope these tips have been helpful and have given you the answers and inspiration you need. Once you’ve decided on your solution, you’ll be well on your way to creating a more inviting space using beautiful, wall-mounted art!

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