Tips To Make Your Workplace Restroom Look Better

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Tips To Make Your Workplace Restroom Look Better

How many times have you used a dingy public restroom? And how did you feel about the establishment after that? The way your workplace restroom looks can affect your customers’ opinions about your business.

Don’t neglect the appearance of your business’s restroom. Use these tips to make your workplace restroom look better.

1. Keep It Clean

Everyone knows the importance of hygiene in public restrooms. When not maintained, these spaces can become hotspots for spreading germs. And even if no one gets sick, a grimy bathroom makes people feel sick.

Establish a cleaning schedule so that the bathroom gets regularly serviced. During cleaning, the employee should do the following tasks:

  • Empty trash cans to prevent overflow
  • Refill soap, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and toilet paper
  • Clean sinks, mirrors, and countertops
  • Clean fixtures, including doorknobs and sink handles
  • Clean toilets and urinals thoroughly
  • Mop the floor, put up a wet floor sign, and remove the sign once dry

Even with a schedule, your public restroom might need attention between visits. You can place signs in bathroom stalls or walls to encourage patrons to tell staff if the bathroom needs restocking or cleaning. Use a friendly and short message so that customers feel comfortable bringing this up.

2. Use Durable Products

Outfitting your washroom with durable products is a great tip to make your workplace restroom look better. If an item gets a lot of use in this room, make sure it can withstand the pressure.

Items like toilet paper dispensers, toilet handles, stall door fixtures, faucet handles, and paper towel dispensers make a lot of contact with customers. Choose durable materials for these objects. You can also replace some of these items with alternatives to create less contact. For example, rather than having several paper towel dispensers, include an air dryer in your bathroom.

The bathroom entry door is another high-contact area that might get overlooked. You can protect the bottom of the door and improve its appearance with a fresh kick plate. Aluminum kick plates are cost-effective and long-lasting. There are a lot of benefits to using diamond plate metal kick guards, including upgrading your door’s style.

3. Install the Right Lighting

Keep the entire restroom well-lit so that customers can see everything clearly. Choose flattering light by the mirrors. Have you ever looked in the mirror at a public restroom and thought you looked washed-out? Prevent this effect with the right bulb.

The color rendering index (CRI) measures how colors look under a light source compared to how they look in natural daylight. CRI is displayed on a scale of zero to 100, with higher scores having a better CRI. An LED bulb with a 90 CRI will portray colors accurately, making this a great score for your restroom’s bulbs.

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