Toasty Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

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Winter will soon be upon us again. Despite the pure beauty of fresh snow, the constant chill in the air can be the ugliest part of winter. While the cold is inevitable, constant shivering doesn’t have to be. Winter is prime time for fleecy blankets, hearty soups, and sipping warm drinks on the sofa. Read on for further toasty tips for staying warm this winter.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Winter is all about layers. The thought of wearing flip flops and shorts is outlandish for a majority of the country during this time. Think about cozy socks, slippers, and boots. Forget about the fashion critiques of turtlenecks, and focus on their impressive practicality. While fall is the heyday of sweater weather, winter is sweater weather, plus a coat or jacket as the cherry on top.

Keeping your core temperature up is key, and layers upon layers will certainly help in this endeavor. Traditionally, up to three layers will keep you at the right level of cozy—a base layer, a mid-layer, and an outer layer. For the optimum toasty outfit, wear a base layer of thermal underwear or undershirt; a mid-layer of pants, shirts, and sweaters; and a top layer consisting of a coat. Don’t forget those hats, gloves, and scarves for maximum warmth efficiency.

Food & Drink

A top toasty tip for staying warm this winter is to eat some toasty bread. Ice cream can sound good all year, but the warmest and heartiest of foods taste like perfection in the winter. Heat up your house as you cook and bake to your heart’s content. Consuming regular hot drinks and food, such as hot chocolate, green tea, coffee, and soups or stews, will help your body warm up.

At the same time, keep an eye on your consumption habits this winter. A common misconception is that alcohol keeps you warm—and it does, but it also draws blood away from your vital organs. Colder weather also makes us prone to the temptation of comfort eating.

Keep Moving and Find Activities To Do

There’s no denying that waking up to a chilly room in the morning makes it difficult to get out of bed. Bears hibernate for a reason—but humans are drastically different. Laying under piles of blankets can keep you warm, but it’s increasingly important to stay active in the winter. Get your rest and sleep well, but get moving during the day to boost your circulation. Even the lightest exercise can lift your mood and keep your body temperature where it should be.

Fun winter sports or activities with friends and family can warm your body and soul. Whether you’re sledding, skating, skiing, or bundled up for a light walk, the movement will keep you warm in the outdoors before you head home to snuggle up or watch movies. A great tip for staying warm in the comfort of your own backyard is to install an outdoor fireplace or firepit. For those located in colder-weather states, outdoor fireplaces create a wonderful, year-round experience. Grab some blankets and loved ones, and sit around the fire together. Your heart will never feel so warm.

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