Top Checklist for Spring Cleaning Lawn Care

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Top Checklist for Spring Cleaning Lawn Care

Spring cleaning takes on different connotations for different people. Some people take it to mean that you must clean out your house and make room for the rest of the year. This is an annual ritual to remove the clutter and residual buildup of dander and uncleanliness from your home.

But it can also mean that you clean up your yard from what happened over the autumn and winter seasons. Here is your top checklist for spring cleaning lawn care so that you can get your yard in order.

Removing Brush

One thing that can get messy over the autumn and winter season is all the buildup that comes with late summer. Everything dies off, and things can get hairy with briars and thickets that collect. You should remove the brush at least annually to keep it from creeping into your yard and taking over.

This seems to be a huge problem for fences. You will want to keep up with them to prevent any rot or erosion from happening to your privacy fence. An annual coat of paint or finish will do great for keeping things tidy. This is especially important in the summertime as extreme weather conditions can ruin your fence. Since extreme weather can blow junk into your yard and make a mess of things, you want to pay attention to that part of your yard.

Preparing Garden

Just like clearing out your brush from the yard, you must maintain your gardens. One way of doing this is by taking a hoe and removing all the dead material from previous seasons and any weeds that might have crept up into the garden while it was out of season. Without this, you can attract all kinds of problems in your garden, making it almost impossible to grow things.


Spring is undoubtedly the best time of the year for growing anything you want. Because you’re transitioning from winter into summer, it creates ideal conditions for starting your plants. So plant as much as you can, and then you can reap your reward through your harvests and the beauty that comes with gardening once the season is in full effect.

Control Pests

You’ll need to keep your grass cut as low as possible, which may seem counter-intuitive with all the beautiful flowers there. This is a good practice to have most of the year due to the nature of how grass grows. Weeds tend to grow with your grass and can take over quickly if you aren’t careful enough to catch them early by keeping your grass cut short.

Pruning Shrubs

You will need to prune smaller trees and bushes annually to keep them from overcrowding the rest of your lawn and causing bugs and pests to take over your landscape. Once established, these larger plants can grow vigorously, so you may have to prune at the tail end of the year as well, depending on what the growing season was like.

This top checklist for spring cleaning lawn care can help you make the most out of this spring season and get your lawn in order.

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