Top Features To Look for in a Flight School

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When choosing their next steps, many young adults turn toward common paths such as office work and accounting. However, there are so many more fascinating employment opportunities out there. One such career option is aviation.

Few people realize how accessible this amazing field is. In under a year, students can earn full accreditation for an exciting life as a helicopter pilot. Some top features to look for in a flight school include quality, hands-on flight training, verified safety records, and a complete course plan.

Course Transparency

The first step to choosing a quality flight school is to investigate the course offerings and timeline. While it may be overwhelming to read through all the exciting opportunities, try to keep your expectations realistic. Look for schools that specialize in the type of flying license you need for your future goals. Additionally, choose schools that seek to provide information about their services in detail. Shy away from any that are too vague or general, as they likely will not offer as robust a training regimen for individuals seeking to excel professionally.

Students with travel ambitions should also check for a school’s ability to provide international accreditation. To fly in Europe, students need to pass the US FAA training first, followed by Europe’s EASA training. Obtaining training for both can involve extra time and costs, so look for schools that offer international training programs.

Strong Safety Record

Unsurprisingly, safety is among the top features to look for in a flight school. Any work that involves operating a motor vehicle requires great care—especially flying. As such, a helicopter training facility will likely be very eager to report a clean safety record. Never be afraid to dig deeper into a flight school’s history.

Besides ensuring no serious incidents have occurred, it’s also a good idea to dig into the professionalism of the school and its staff. When studying flight, it’s important to surround yourself with level-headed and reliable people who uphold all safety rules and regulations.

Quality Instructors

An excellent flight instructor will teach students how to operate a helicopter and work hard to transfer the skills they’ve honed with experience. Think of your own experiences learning to drive. While not as dangerous, driving still has risks. A great driving teacher helps new drivers build their knowledge of identifying and dealing with different hazardous situations. A poor instructor, on the other hand, just teachers a student how to drive and sends them on their way.

While, ultimately, conveying operational instructions is at the heart of a flight school, students are right to demand more. Research a school’s instructors carefully, and look through reviews from other students. When possible, it’s also a great idea to schedule an interview with potential instructors to get a grasp on their attitudes and goals when teaching.

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