Top Jewelry Trends for Summer 2021

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Summer is an ideal season for having fun and trying new trends to experiment with your fashion. With sunny days and clear skies come new motivation to break outside your everyday wardrobe and find new accessories to elevate your style.

Not sure where to begin? Revitalizing your approach to jewelry is the perfect start to any summer makeover. To learn about some of the top jewelry trends for summer 2021 and how to start your style transformation, continue reading our guide.

Mismatched Earrings

Who said jewelry needs to match? This summer season is all about combining adventurous colors and patterns that no one has ventured to mix before. Mismatched earrings are the perfect opportunity to wear fun, flirty, and sometimes outrageous designs without letting these pops of personality take over an entire outfit. Whether you wear different sets of acrylic-painted earrings or decide to wear two different animal prints on each ear, you’ll be challenging the latest trends without buying a whole new outfit.

The Chunkier, The Better

Fashion trends never truly disappear. Instead, they orbit and find new life with new generations. The latest recycled trend to gain popularity is the classic, chunky jewelry necklaces and bracelets of the early 2000s. Charm bracelets and chain heart necklaces are simple but bold in their design. The simplicity of the standard silver or gold color-matched with the charms and pendants’ bold weight adds a dimension of young, adventurous fun to any summer outfit.

Personality Necklaces

If chunky necklaces are not your style, personality necklaces may be your new favorite jewelry trend for summer 2021. Personality necklaces add small details of uniqueness to your jewelry, such as a name or initial. Initial necklaces offer the perfect hint of personality and are a timeless jewelry staple in any wardrobe. These necklaces are more relaxed compared to other bolder trends. If you prefer your jewelry to highlight your outfit’s different elements rather than make a louder statement, personality necklaces will give you the best trendy summer glow.

The top jewelry trends of the summer all revolve around light, carefree, and fun pieces. Whether you cover yourself in mismatched jewelry to experiment with patterns or opt for simple and timeless personality pieces, the key to wearing these summer trends is to show off your jewelry with confidence. Once you find a trend that fits your personality, you’ll be ready to debut your new summer fashion.

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