Top Off-Roading Hazards You Always Should Avoid

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Top Off-Roading Hazards You Always Should Avoid

As you may know, off-roading is all about the challenges of the road and how you handle them. While you may not need to be the most experienced driver, it certainly helps to be the most confident driver while off-roading, especially in cases where you can get stuck. Still, there’s something to be said about having too much confidence when encountering certain obstacles. To help keep you from getting stuck in the future, we have listed the top off-roading hazards you should always avoid, no matter what vehicle you have.

Deep Water

One of the riskiest hazards that you should always avoid while off-roading is deep water. While it may seem like your lifted vehicle can go through any hazard whatsoever, deep water is different in that currents can push and pull your vehicle and turn you around. Furthermore, getting water into your exhaust and engine will damage your engine and, in some cases, kill the engine outright. In these situations, you have to ask yourself: even if you can do it, should you?

Mudslide Areas

Another area to always avoid when off-roading is mudslide areas. Mudslide areas are dangerous in that the ground can look deceiving. This can lead you to many different dangerous situations. You may be swept away by undercurrents flowing under the mud, or the mud could even cause you to get stuck in potholes and ruts that are deeper than you may expect. If you have to go through a mudslide area, it may be a good idea to have someone scout out the path ahead of you to ensure that the passage through the area is safe for your vehicle.

Volcanic Rock Environments

The last hazard that you should always avoid is volcanic rock environments. These environments are littered with sharp pieces of volcanic rock and obsidian, which may puncture your tires and make it impossible for you to backtrack out of the area. Even if you have spare tires, obsidian will most likely cause you to pop more tires than you can replace, meaning that unless you have tires specifically designed for these types of areas, it is probably a good decision to avoid driving here and instead opt for a better place to offroad.

We hope you have learned something helpful from our guide on the top off-roading hazards you should always avoid. While it is impossible to avoid hazards in every situation, careful planning and proper preparedness are essential in ensuring that you make it out of any situation unscathed.

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