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Top Problems To Overcome With Off-Body Concealed Carry

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Top Problems To Overcome With Off-Body Concealed Carry

Sometimes it’s tricky to successfully carry a firearm discreetly on your body. Whether your outfit makes it difficult to conceal the gun or your physical activity jostles it too much, you might want to use an off-body concealed carry bag instead. Carry responsibly by knowing the top problems to overcome with off-body concealed carry.

Treating the CCW Bag as a Regular Bag

Off-body bags for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) include purses, fanny packs, backpacks, messenger bags, and more. They look like regular bags but function as holsters. And while you should carry your firearm discreetly to avoid unwanted attention, thinking of your CCW bag as a regular bag is a recipe for disaster.

Treat your CCW bag as a holster rather than what it appears to be on the outside. That means you must keep it on you so you’re the only person with ready access to your weapon.

Not Training With the CCW Bag

Another problem to overcome with off-body concealed carry is not using the bag as you train with your firearm. Many people only use off-body carry in special situations, such as when camping or going for a run. Whether you use a CCW bag regularly or only occasionally, you have to know how to use it properly for carrying, drawing, and holstering your firearm.

You’ll need to get used to how it feels carrying your gun in a CCW bag, and you will need to train your mind to see the bag as a holster. Just like with a regular holster, you need to practice safe and efficient draws.

Not Using a Dedicated CCW Bag

Finally, if you’re going to carry your gun off your body, do so with a dedicated bag manufactured for concealed carry. A CCW bag should have a compartment used solely for your firearm. Securing the weapon and guarding the trigger are key to preventing negligent discharge.

Concealed carry bags can also have special features that improve how you organize everyday carry essentials such as firearm accessories, your wallet, a flashlight, a pocketknife, and more. While these bags go further than common bags, they don’t sacrifice style.

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