Top Reasons To Get Solar Lights for Your Community

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Top Reasons To Get Solar Lights for Your Community

There are many avenues for positive, meaningful change in our neighborhoods. From their impact on the environment to their brightness, cost, and reliability, solar lights are one such change that can make a beneficial impression on your community. Check out these top reasons to get solar lights for your community and decide if solar lights are right for you.

Their Influence on the Environment

Solar lights have little to no negative impact on our environment. Unlike standard streetlights, they don’t emit carbon dioxide as a by-product. As you may know, carbon dioxide absorbs and radiates heat. Our Earth traps this heat, leading to elevated temperatures and rising ocean levels. A decision to change your streetlights is a decision to care for the environment around you.

A Surprising Brightness Rating

Visibility is crucial, as it helps us interpret our surroundings and stay safe, especially on the street. Many solar lights have LED lights built into them. An LED solar light emits similar brightness to that of sunlight. This high brightness improves nighttime visibility exponentially. A metal halide lamp, or traditional streetlight, has a Color Rendering Index value (CRI) from 20 to 80 and 1900k to 2800k color temperatures. In contrast, a solar LED streetlight emits a CRI of 70 to 80 and 2700k to 6500k color temperatures, meaning solar lights can improve the visibility and appearance of their surroundings.

The Notable Cost Difference

If you compare the immediate costs of traditional streetlights to solar lights, traditional options often appear cheaper. However, the long-term costs of traditional streetlights far exceed the price of solar streetlights. Solar lights don’t require the same extensive installation, replacement, or maintenance fees as conventional lights. Although you may spend more up front when purchasing solar technology, you can save money in the long run.

The Reliability of Solar Lights

If there is a power outage or grid failure, traditional lights may no longer work for your community. Solar lights can give you peace of mind that they will continue to work throughout an emergency.

From residential households to businesses, everyone relies on light to continue their day-to-day life. Keep these top reasons to get solar lights for your community in the forefront of your mind as you consider how to improve the safety and sustainability of your neighborhood. Once you understand all there is to know about solar streetlights, reach out to local leaders and start the conversation about solar lights. Your voice can impact your environment and community for the better.

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