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Training With Experience: Top Things To Expose Your Puppy To

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When you bring a new puppy into your life, it comes with a responsibility to train them and ensure they behave. Two of the most crucial components to this process is socialization and the act of giving your pet a wide range of different experiences. Doing these things familiarizes them with things that otherwise might make them afraid or aggressive—making them a more well-rounded companion for you in the long run. So if you want to ensure that they receive all the necessary experience early on in life, these are some of the top things to expose your puppy to.

Different People

First, it’s vital that you provide them with opportunities to interact with a variety of different people. From the neighbors next door to people walking through the park, giving your dog interaction time with these individuals will teach them that humans aren’t a threat. This way, they’re less likely to become overprotective of you and lash out. This exposure is especially important when it comes to kids and infants.

Other Dogs

The same is true for interacting with other dogs. The more positive interaction your pup can have with pets in the neighborhood, the friendlier they’ll act when greeting them. This helps stave off the potential for aggression and increases the quality of group playtime. Allowing them to get to know other dogs will help diminish reactivity in other public settings as well.

Unusual Noises

Another of the top things to expose your puppy to early on are different noises. It’s easy for your puppy to become frightened of loud or sudden sounds, and this fear can make them timid when exposed to unfamiliar noises. As such, exposing them to some of these conditions can help desensitize their ears to loud or unusual sounds, thus they’re less likely to react to particular noises as they get older. Make sure you’re careful with this type of exposure, though, because exposing them to too many new noises in too short a period of time can foster an even stronger fear.

Boarding Environments

Once your puppy is ready, it’s beneficial to expose them to dog boarding facilities as well. In the event that you need to leave town, these businesses are very helpful in ensuring your pet’s needs are met in your absence. Because of this, getting them used to these environments now greatly improves their mental well-being when they have to be away from you. Just make sure that you know all there is about the boarding process and that you’re leaving them with a reputable care facility.

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