Types of Work That Include Night Shifts

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It’s standard for people to rise with the sun and go to bed at night. However, you might want a less standard lifestyle. Though it may seem like everyone around you sticks to a regular daytime schedule, many people head to their jobs in the evening. We list a few types of work that include night shifts to show you some of the possibilities.

Air Traffic Controller

Airports must run at all hours because of how time zones change between regions and continents. To guide pilots as they take off and land, air traffic controllers must monitor all the planes in the airspace near their airports. They also keep track of local weather conditions. All airports need air traffic controllers to work at night, since planes are always moving. If you’re searching for a job with a range of different hours, this might be one to research.

Oil and Gas Worker

Operations on oil rigs continue around the clock, so as an oil and gas worker, you’ll need to do some night shifts. Your responsibilities can range from operating and maintaining heavy equipment to directing fellow workers. To prevent injuries and accidents, oil rigs have lights that illuminate the entire area after the sun goes down. Of course, you’ll also need to learn oil and gas worker safety tips and follow strict safety rules as well. If you choose this career, you will remain physically active and have the chance to travel to different locations.

Security Guard

When criminals attempt to trespass or break into a building, they often do so at night because there are fewer people around and the darkness can hide their activities. Being a security guard is a type of work that includes night shifts. You’ll need to keep a close eye on security camera feeds around the area. You’ll also walk around the premises and watch for any abnormal activity. If visitors do arrive at night, you must determine whether they can enter or not.

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