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Unique Ways Different Industries Are Embracing the Cloud

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Unique Ways Different Industries Are Embracing the Cloud

Many companies have been switching to cloud-based services over the last decade, and it has been revolutionizing their services. The cloud has a whole host of benefits, and different industries have found multiple ways to use these services to modernize their operations and pave the way for innovation. Read on to learn of some unique ways different industries have embraced the cloud.

The Banking Industry

One industry that has done things relatively the same way for the last few hundred years is banking, but things are changing as it begins embracing the cloud. Many banks are moving to cloud computing to help improve their operations. There was an initial hesitancy with the notion that the cloud wasn’t secure, but many banks have moved past this and begun embracing cloud services. With the cloud, many banks conduct advanced analyses into customer behaviors and trends to pinpoint areas of improvement and where they can create new products and services. The cloud is still more recent for banking, but if a banking institution is not already on board, they are most likely developing plans to migrate to cloud services.

Higher Education

One of the largest industries in the world that have been one of the first to embrace the cloud is higher education. Colleges and universities utilize the cloud in many different ways, such as expanding their service online and making the exchange of information easier between professors and students. Thanks to the cloud, students can access courses from anywhere, expanding service to everyone in the state, country, or world. Additionally, students can access resources with the click of a button instead of going to the library and waiting for someone to direct them to important course material.


Another industry at the forefront of innovation, thanks to the cloud, is healthcare. With millions of patients admitted to hospitals annually, there is a lot of patient data to store and look at quickly. The cloud makes it simple as all this patient data is just a few clicks away instead of down in the records room. Additionally, cloud computing combined with wearable health technology continually updates patients’ health records, making medical staff aware of potential health incidents. Telehealth has also grown significantly, as patients may be unable to leave their homes but still need a medical expert’s opinion and diagnosis.

These unique ways industries are embracing the cloud only highlight the beginning of cloud innovation. There are an incredible number of cloud tools that businesses are integrating into their infrastructure, and many more will come out as the industry continues to flourish.

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