Ways You Can Maintain Your Fishing Equipment

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Your gear can make or break a fishing trip. If it’s not up to the quality you need, you’re not going to have a good time. To prevent the loss of functionality, you need to know ways you can maintain your fishing equipment. This way, you can eliminate the risk of your gear falling apart. Know what to do before, during, and after a trip to keep it in top condition.

Keep Your Rods Out of Saltwater

Keeping your rod out of saltwater is one of the most important things you can do while on a trip. The salt in the water will corrode your equipment. This is an especially prevalent concern in fly fishing, as the angler wades out to the middle of a flowing body of water. They may potentially expose their rod directly to saltwater depending on where they fish. The small, complex construction of the reel will then degrade, reducing its performance and ease of use. Therefore, you must know how to protect your reel from saltwater.

Clean Off Your Gear After Use

One of the ways to protect your gear from saltwater and generally preserve it is to clean everything off after a trip. Salt, grime, and sediment can deteriorate and clog up your reel. They can also pit and scratch your line.

Gently clean off your equipment with lukewarm water after a trip to remove the contamination from the day’s activities. Long-term exposure to this kind of grime will inevitably hurt your gear. Without proper care, you’ll need to replace your equipment.

Remove Any Lures From the Line

After a day out fishing, you need to remember to remove all the lures from your line. Keeping several rods in close proximity with their lures still attached can lead them to become tangled up.

It will become near impossible to untie all the lines trapped together. As a result, you’ll have to cut the lines to free the rods. Always detach the lures after a trip and reel in the lines to prevent any potential tangling.

Never Neglect Your Gear

Forgetting to follow these ways to protect your fishing gear even once can lead to broken equipment or compromised rods. Always know what to do to guarantee the integrity of your equipment. This way, you can increase the success of your fishing trips. Neglecting gear can quickly become expensive, but it’s something you can avoid with routine cleaning and proper storage.

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