Ways You Can Train for Motorcycle Racing

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The only way to get better on your bike is by riding, right? This common misconception leaves many new riders wondering why their track times aren’t improving—motorcycle skills go beyond how you handle your bike. Here are a few unique ways you can train for motorcycle racing without turning on your bike.


People often overlook endurance when it comes to preparing for a race, but if you’ve driven for a long time without stopping, you know how vital arm strength is. To help avoid your arms weakening as the race goes on, make sure you get some pull-ups in at the gym.


Do you want to practice getting your knee down when cornering? Exercises that promote flexibility in your legs and lower body are perfect. When doing lunges (which you can do before the start of any race), try targeting your quads, hamstrings, and glutes for the best results.


A long day of riding is exhausting for even the most experienced motorcyclist. Spending a few hours every week on a bicycle is a great way to build up cardiovascular endurance to keep you from tiring out on your other bike. If riding a bicycle around the neighborhood doesn’t sound heart-pumping enough, try mountain biking instead. It’s a great workout that’s better suited to thrill-seekers.

Air Squats

As we mentioned with lunges, lower body flexibility is essential for proper handling of your bike. To assist with maintaining control of your bike (and help improve your balance), try air squats or weights and a squat rack. You may not think your balance can get much better, but just wait until you’ve gotten some air squat reps in.

There are tons of ways to ensure better performance at your next race, and don’t count out good, old-fashioned practice. With these ways you can train for motorcycle racing (and a little time spent on your bike), you’ll have no trouble on the track.

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