What Every American Flag Owner Should Know

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One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your patriotism is by respecting and flying the American flag. Before you purchase an American flag, there are some things you should know, so you can avoid unintentionally disrespecting the flag. If you’re wondering what every American flag owner should know, read our guide below for more information.

Understand the Different Parts of the Flag and What They Symbolize

There’s a surprising number of Americans who don’t know what the stars and stripes mean on the flag. Don’t be one of those people. If you’re going to fly the flag, you should know what it means. There are plenty of resources available that go in-depth about the history of the flag. As a brief refresher, the stripes represent the original thirteen colonies, and the red and white colors stand for purity and courage. The union represents independence, with the stars representing each state and the blue denoting justice.

Know the U.S. Flag Code

Anyone who flies the flag must know the flag code. Following the U.S. flag code embodies respect and guides you to display the flag properly. Some of the guidelines include keeping the American flag above any other flag. When hanging the flag from outside a building, such as on your porch, the union must be at the flag’s peak. Additionally, you must keep the flag illuminated if you leave it outside. Otherwise, you must remove the flag at sunset. Finally, unless you’re using an all-weather flag, you must remove the flag during inclement weather.

Know How To Maintain the Flag

Although flags are durable, you still need to take care of it. There are several tips for taking care of the flag that you should be aware of, including cleaning and repairing tears or frays. In general, you want to maintain the structural integrity of the flag as much as possible. Over time, the flag will deteriorate, and you’ll need to dispose of it respectfully. Most VWF organizations will have a place to deliver flags that are beyond repair.

Understanding what every American flag owner should know will not only enhance your patriotism but will help you demonstrate the general respect an American should have for the flag. Moreover, you can pass down your knowledge from generation to generation to inspire the next generation of patriots.

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