What Life Is Like for a Tow Truck Driver

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What Life Is Like for a Tow Truck Driver

While we often associate towing services with negative circumstances, we rely on tow truck drivers to help us out. But you might be surprised by the dangers in this profession.

This important profession deserves some recognition. Learn what life is like for a tow truck driver by looking at the expectations of their job.

Interact With People in Stressful Situations

Tow truck drivers help people in many ways.

  • When someone is stuck on the side of the road, a tow truck operator can pull the vehicle to safety.
  • After car accidents, we rely on tow trucks to quickly move wreckage out of the roadway.
  • When a car is parked in a bad location and the driver can’t or won’t move it, tow trucks relocate the vehicle.

While these instances illustrate how operators help people out, these are all stressful situations. Many times, even when towing alleviates the problem, people are not in their best frame of mind. And this can make being a tow driver a thankless job.

On top of that, tow truck drivers also deal with difficult tasks, like repossessing vehicles. In a situation like this, the tow operator must often deal with unhappy people. These exchanges can be frustrating and unpleasant. Interactions with stressed-out people is a key factor in shaping what life is like for tow truck drivers.

Tow in All Conditions

Since vehicles must be hauled at all hours of the day and in all weather conditions, tow operators work in a wide array of conditions, many of them uncomfortable. In fact, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the tow truck industry is one of the most dangerous in the country.

Drivers haul in inclement weather, such as snow, ice, rain, and high winds. They get trained on how to safely drive their trucks. Tow drivers also rely on tools and equipment to safely rig vehicles. To make their work safer, it’s important for tow operators to have the right equipment for emergencies and potential hazards.

Work Long Hours

Drivers typically work long and irregular hours. Many times, a driver might get just a few hours to rest between operations. And they must stay alert and focused to avoid getting into accidents or damaging their tow truck or other vehicles during rigging.

Many tow truck drivers work on call, responding quickly when they receive a service request. Even with scheduled and legally required breaks, this work schedule is not for everyone. But tow truck drivers can’t let work burnout endanger them or other people. They make sure to rejuvenate as much as possible during their off hours.

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