What People Look for in a Veterinarian

What People Look for in a Veterinarian

Knowing what people look for in a veterinarian will give you the information and direction to build a strong practice. Read along to learn some helpful advice on tangible and intangible qualities that make for an excellent pet doctor.

They Hold Convenient Business Hours

Most people feel as though their schedules are busy enough without needing to worry about additional trips to the veterinarian. Though pet owners want their pets to be healthy, they do not want to choose between giving their animal the care they need or going into the office. If you want to be the sort of veterinarian people recommend and return to again and again, be flexible with your hours. Give people lots of options and stay open late on at least a few nights each week.

They Have Compassion for Animals and People

Perhaps this one is a given, but veterinarians should radiate compassion and care. As with any medical professional, people want to sense that you have more than a monetary stake in seeing your patients lead healthy lives. The way you talk about treatments, the way you approach the animals, and the way you break down the costs of your services should all create the picture of a deeply compassionate, empathetic professional.

They Have Cutting Edge Technology

Nothing will make a customer turn away faster than seeing outdated, unkempt machinery in their veterinarian’s office. As a professional, you have an obligation to remain up to date on all advancements in your field. There are always techniques and machines pushing the profession forward. Your customers are more sensitive to signs of incompetency than you might think. If they have any reason to think you are not keeping up with your promise to provide the highest quality of care, do not be surprised if they bring their business elsewhere.

They Have Leadership Skills

A trip to a veterinarian’s office can put people in a truly vulnerable position. Often, this is where they first realize they will have to fight for their pet’s life, or worse yet, watch their good friend get put down. What people look for in a veterinarian is a leader who has the confidence and sincerity to build an instant rapport with their clientele. Leaders are trusted, encouraging, and hopeful, and that’s exactly what people need when faced with challenging circumstances. If you can exude that energy, your practice will be far more successful.