What To Know About Going Solar With Commercial Buildings

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What To Know About Going Solar With Commercial Buildings

Homeowners all over the country are switching to solar panels, so you may have wondered whether it’s a good move for businesses, too. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Google, Apple, and Target, you should switch to solar panels! Read on to learn what to know about going solar with commercial buildings.

Incredible ROI

Installing solar panels isn’t an expense—it’s an investment. Yes, they come at a high initial cost, but consider the long-term savings! Contact an installer to get a quote, and they’ll walk you through the approximate time it will take to make your money back.

Since solar panels are viable (and warrantied) for 25 years, once you pay off the initial investment in around a decade, you’ll get to enjoy over 10 years of nearly free electricity.

Control Future Energy Bills

There’s nothing easy about predicting your operating costs, but solar panels make it a bit simpler. Since your solar panels will take care of a majority of your energy bill, you don’t need to worry about constantly rising energy prices.

No Better Time

Now is the best time to switch to solar power. Solar panels are at their lowest prices ever, and there are still governmental incentives and tax breaks in place for people who install them—these won’t be available forever!

Additionally, consumers are more conscious than ever about supporting eco-friendly businesses. If you want to thrive in the modern customer market, you’ll want to take steps to show that your company is committed to sustainability.

Highly Reliable With Low Maintenance

There’s a reason that solar installers warranty their panels for 25 years—it’s because they’re that reliable! On top of that, there’s relatively little maintenance needed on solar panels over their lifetime. As long as someone clears debris from them somewhat regularly, they shouldn’t require more upkeep than that. Preparing your business for solar is easy, so contact an installer and get a quote today.

Now that you understand what to know about going solar with commercial buildings, make the switch and feel your wallet get heavier!

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