What’s the Most Versatile Bicycle Style?

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There are all kinds of bicycles out there that are adapted for different purposes. Some are better for speed on roads while others have the suspension and traction to function in areas full of rocks and roots. But if you just want to get one bike that will do it all, you need a model that will work in multiple settings. Are you asking yourself, “What’s the most versatile bicycle style?” Well, here are some types to consider.


Hybrid bikes are a mixture of sleek road bikes and rugged mountain bikes. They’re comfortable for casual riding because you sit in an upright position and they have tires that work equally well on and off the road. You can usually add attachments such as racks to gain more utility out of them as well. This makes them great for commuting. The downside to hybrid bikes is that they aren’t the fastest, but for regular activities, this shouldn’t matter much.


Cyclocross bikes are specialized for cyclocross races, where participants compete over mud, soil, grass, and concrete terrain. Due to this, they are quite fast and suitable for rough stretches of ground. Their structure will have you leaning forward, but this can get uncomfortable over long distances. To make up for this weakness, manufacturers have come out with a variation called an adventure road bike where you can sit up straighter.

AWD Electric

AWD (all-wheel drive) electric bikes also deserve a spot on a list of the most versatile bicycle styles. These are much heavier than the other types and have wide treads on their tires that allow you to ride on ice and snow. On a regular bike, this bulkiness would slow you down considerably, but the electric motors on the front and rear wheels help supplement your pedaling. You can adjust how much motor power you use to make things either easier or more challenging for yourself. You can also adapt to changing terrain. This can make AWD electric bikes advantageous when you would usually struggle in certain conditions.

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