When To Hire a Handyperson vs. a Contractor

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When To Hire a Handyperson vs. a Contractor

If you have problems around the house, who do you hire? Most people assume a handyperson can get the job done just fine. For many of us, they’re usually our first stop if we have someone “handy” in our family. That said, who do you choose to work on your home? How do you know when to hire a handyperson or a contractor? Read below to find out.

Benefits of a Handyperson

One of the key benefits of working with a handyperson is that they’re a jack of all trades. In general, they tackle small jobs like the professionals that they are. They can tackle maintenance, and you won’t have many people in your home because they generally only have one or two helpers. They’re also incredibly time efficient and can get a job done in a jiffy. On top of all this, calling a handyperson is a bit more cost-effective than using specialized contractors in general.

Benefits of a Contractor

There are a few reasons why you would want to hire an exterior home contractor or an interior one. First, they can usually get the job done quickly because they’re not only more specialized, but they tend to have bigger crews. A handyperson may only have one or two people with them, but the extra hands will make things run much smoother.

Additionally, because they specialize in specific types of work, they’re usually better in their fields and can tackle big projects without a hitch. If you need your roof shingles or siding repaired in a big project, a handyperson usually wouldn’t have the skills or enough helpers to tackle such a large project unless they have prior experience with it. You should also note that contractors are more expensive. However, the additional expertise makes them well worth the higher price point.

Who Do You Choose?

So when do you hire a handyperson vs. a contractor? Your decision depends on your needs. We recommend choosing a handyperson for minor projects, such as leaks in your water tank or small electrical wiring issues. However, contractors are better for more extensive projects. Their greater product knowledge will ensure they complete the job to your specifications.

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