Why You Should Learn How To Drive Stick

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With so many automatic cars available on the market, fewer people are learning how to drive stick shift. Stick shift refers to vehicles that have a manual transmission rather than an automatic one. While automatic vehicles have taken over the market, there are still many reasons why you should learn how to drive stick.  

Take Control 

Having to shift gears on your own puts you in absolute control of your vehicle. Driving a manual car gives the driver better control of the throttle and power output. This makes driving much less intimidating to drivers who experience driving anxiety.    

Save Money at the Pump  

As a result of being in better control, you’ll have better gas mileage as well. A manual transmission can keep you on the road and away from the pumps for longer periods of time.   

Decrease Distractions and Increase Safety

New technology calls for distractions all over the road. From touchscreen car displays to the ping of a text message on our phones, there are opportunities everywhere to let your guard down while driving.  

Manual transmission cars need your undivided attention and two hands available at all times while driving. This decreases the risk that you will focus on a new text rather than the traffic ahead.   

They’re Cheaper To Buy and Maintain  

The upfront cost of a manual transmission car is cheaper than an automatic car. There is no gimmick here, either. These savings even continue for the car’s lifetime. Manual cars need less routine maintenance due to having fewer parts than automatic cars. Less maintenance results in less money spent at the shop on car upkeep. 

Easy Accessibility  

Manual cars are available everywhere. Learning how to drive stick will enable you to drive any car from an old fashion classic to a rental car in another country.   

Many countries still use manual transmission cars, which can make renting an automatic car when you travel more difficult and costly. With your newfound skill, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck without the ability to drive the car in front of you.   

Better control and safety, increased savings on gas and maintenance, and easy accessibility are all reasons why you should learn to drive stick.   

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