Why You Should Use Red Lights in Your Fishing Boat

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Why You Should Use Red Lights in Your Fishing Boat

Quality interior boat lighting makes it easier for you to safely and efficiently night fish. One of the most important considerations when choosing a light is the color. Find out why you should use red lights in your fishing boat.

1. They Don’t Compromise Your Night Vision

Red lights don’t compromise your night vision like other colors of light do. In dark conditions, your eyes don’t need to adjust to red lights as much as they do for other colors, which are more disruptive. This means that red light works well for night vision and reduces eye strain. In fact, the Navy uses red lights to light its ships at night so that sailors can easily adjust to outside lighting conditions.

2. They Don’t Attract as Many Bugs

Another great reason why you should use red lights in your fishing boat is that they don’t attract as many bugs as other colors of light. You can deter insects even more by using red LED lights. Ultraviolet (UV) lights and heat attract insects, but LEDs don’t emit UV light and give off minimal heat.

3. They Add Style

Aside from the practical advantages of using a red light over other colors, red lights add style to your boat. One of the best things about owning your own fishing boat is customizing how it looks. When you choose an interior boat light, consider features like dimmability and user-friendly controls that make lighting adjustments straightforward.

4. They Promote Safety

Finally, as you would expect from any night fishing light, red lights promote safety on your boat. Illuminating your boat deck makes it easier for you to maneuver and avoid slips and trips.

Use red lights in your fishing boat if you want to maintain your night vision, deter bugs, add style to your boat, and night fish safely. Improve your night fishing experience with red LED lights today!

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