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Williams charged with leaving the scene of accident

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On July 29 at approximately 10:45 p.m., John Cameron Williams was involved in a one car motor vehicle accident on Reelfoot Street. Williams fled from the scene before officers could arrive to investigate and work the crash. Information was received from Officer Roy Deason that the on scene crash investigation could not determine the driver.
On 7/30/2022, Officer Cory Glidwell went to Lakeridge Apartments to view their surveillance video, due to the proximity of the crash to the complex.
Upon watching the video, Officer Glidwell was able to determine that John Williams was the driver of the vehicle and that the crash occurred approximately forty yards west of where the car was located when officers arrived. Williams had backed out of a parking spot at Lakeridge, sped west through
the parking lot, turned south onto Reelfoot Street and made the curve back east on Reelfoot Street. While proceeding east on Reelfoot Street, Williams vehicle ran off the north side of Reelfoot Street, into the ditch, deploying the vehicles airbags and terminating the engine.
The vehicle proceeded to coast and had enough momentum to allow Williams to steer the vehicle back onto the road wayward continue on approximately 40 yards before coming to a stop in the intersection of Reelfoot Street, Hamra Street and Vaughn Drive. Williams exited the vehicle and fled on foot before officers arrived at the scene.
Williams will be charged for leaving the scene of an accident.

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