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July – December 2022

      July 2022 rolled in with high temperatures and fireworks lighting up the sky. It also brought the electoral candidates together, ready to meet and greet with the community. Ridgely Chamber of Commerce held its annual Meet the Candidate Forum. Mrs Barbra Marvin and Mrs Joyce Barnes registered the 19 candidates attending. Early voting began with Danny Tippit and his wife, Shelly, along with other candidates setting up camp close to the Election Commission Office during the early voting hours. Fans were blowing as everyone sought a “Cool Spot” to hide from the sun as it glared down relentlessly. If only the ice cream man could drive by. Larry Connell, also known as “The Ice Cream Man” sold his last ice cream after 40 years of doing so. He brought smiles to many faces over the years and watched the children grow into adults. It was truly an end to an era.

       August started off with a birthday party for Ms. Luella Purnell, a resident of Reelfoot Manor, who celebrated turning 100 years old! Tiptonville Mayor, Cliff Berry and Lake County Mayor, Denny Johnson stopped by the party to wish Ms. Luella a Happy Birthday and pose for a birthday picture. Ms. Luella shared her favorite saying with everyone attending, “Drink water when you are thirsty, whiskey when you are dry. A good man when you need one and Heaven when you die.” Summer was slowly drifting away but the heat was not! Temperatures were still high on the first day of school. Tiptonville Chief of Police, Joe England, welcomed Asher Bargery to his first day of kindergarten. All of the kids look forward to seeing Mr. Joe along with the other cops who are there to greet them every morning before school. What a blessing they are to our school system! With school starting, the High School Football team gearing up for an eventful season. Wining the “Battle of Reelfoot” against Obion County Rebels. The Falcons defeated them 38-30, winning a trophy and bragging rights!

      September came, and they started preparing for the Homecoming Game, as were the Royalty. Pictured left to right, Jolie Bargery, Jillian Stanley, Audrey Hicks, Riley Wilbanks (queen), Alexis Goodman, Karsyn Hays, and Mariah Valentine. Lake County Middle School was also preparing for their homecoming game. They won the homecoming game in overtime with a score of 20-14. Seventh Grade quarterback, Cade Lanier, scored the winning touchdown. Middle School Homecoming Royalty from Left to Right Kailyn Chisolm, Braylee Mays, Aailyah Shell, Mailee Hicks (queen), Mia Claire Hearn, Kennedy Davis, Abigail Todd, and A’lee Stewart.

Brenda Crittenden was honored by the City of Tiptonville for her 25 years of dedicated service. Pictured with Ms. Brenda is Mrs. Fran Hearn.

        With September coming to an end, citizens from Lake County started preparing for the annual Arts and Crafts Festival. The Arts and Crafts festival is something many look forward too. People come from all over, surrounding counties, to check out the booths and enjoy great food! Jimmy Leake was busy working on the stage lights for the assume singers and bands lined up to preform during the three day festival. You could not have asked for nicer weather. All three days the sun shined, with a nice breeze. The crowd was shoulder to shoulder with smiles and laughter filling the air.

       October brought a drought for the Mississippi River. Barges were ground all up and down the Mississippi. People were able to walk out on the sand, recovering old boats that have sank, and coming across several findings as the water was extremely low. October also means, Halloween! Tony Ivy Jr. and Sabrina Joyce hosted a Haunted House of Torment downtown Ridgely. Kids dressed up in costumes were seen all over town trick or treating!

      November started off with Mayor Danny Cook signing a proclamation describing November as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”. Snow came at the end of the month and was gone in the matter of hours. But that didn’t stop Karter Bargery from putting on her snowsuit and waking everyone up at 7a.m. to play in it! Ridgely Mayor and Board of Alderman increase employee bonuses from $500.00 to $3,000.00. The meeting was loud with emotions running high. Harsh words were said and feelings were hurt all around.

         December is the “Most wonderful time of the year”! Bring on the Christmas Parades. Lara Kendall Elementary students preformed a holiday musical before leaving for Christmas Break. Third grade students preformed the song and dance and did an amazing job at keeping the holiday spirit! Christass 2022 was a White Christmas with very cold winds! Water pipes froze and the snow kept falling.

         2022 has come to an end. Whatever the year held for you, we hope you are facing each day with a smile! When your day feels long and sadness starts creeping in remember, You are blessed and your strength comes from within. Don’t let others have power over you. No limits. Happy 2023!

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